Allow me to tap into your subconscious and release your Inner Swirl as a painting. I’m Kao Lee Thao a Visual/Public Artist and 3d Animator. I paint to unlock inspiration and transport viewers to a world of fantasy, reminding us not to forget what imagination can accomplish in life. I challenge you to let go and explore…

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Latest News 

Wheelock Parkway 

Ash Kubesh and I are excited to announce that we will be creating a Public Art for the Wheelock Parkway in Saint Paul, MN.

Blooming Ribbon

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be creating a Public Art, installed at the Bloomington Central Station Park. As part of the City of Bloomington’s Creative Sparks.

Springboard for the Arts: Sign Repurpose

Artists: Kao Lee Thao, Ash Kubesh
The Gathering Tree will be a cultural beacon for the Frogtown/Rondo neighborhoods. It will be a kaleidoscope of patterns etched with the community’s voices who call this neighborhood home. The public art will be an interactive experience featuring augmented reality creatures animated throughout the structure.

New Public Service Building

I’m excited to announce that I’m one of many artists selected to create a mural on glass for the new Public Service Building located downtown Minneapolis.