About Me

Through the weapon of coffee my superhero powers are heightened, allowing me to create unique yet stylistic surreal and dream-like landscapes.

Puddle jumping sums up my background properly. I’m continually sucked into one path after another. I started seeing a pattern echoed through each, people and people’s minds fascinate me. Needless to say I spent half my life studying psychology dreaming to become a psychiatrist and unwrap people from the inside out. Unexpectedly a reoccurring dream urged me to abandon psychology and pursue my childhood passion of art. After studying people’s desires for so long, to ignore my own would have been foolish. I left the psychology world behind and dove head first into pursuing my art interest. 

I run my own 3D animation company called Folklore Studio where we produce animation for television and film. Animation is my window into the world, it enables me to merge my passion for art and my love of storytelling to create art that is both personally meaningful and enjoyable for others. My world changed once I picked up a paintbrush.

All of my inspirations come from my dreams and personal experiences. With every stroke I leave behind a window into my soul, hoping to spark inspiration in others. My style discovered me, my creations speak to me on a subconscious level defining what the end result will be, I just open an inner channel and let my subconscious take over.

“Imagination Sparks Inspiration”