Terrace Thursday: Walker Art Center
Art Making: Muse Interactive Weaving Wall

Muse is a layered kaleidoscope of abstract patterns that beacons viewers to be mesmerized by the depth that shapes her visual landscape. Accompanying Muse will be an Interactive Weaving wall’ adding traditional Hmong stitching, creating interplay of modern and culture to the installation. During the event I will be embroidering and cross stitching materials live, while also encouraging viewers to add their voice to the interactive story cloth (paj ntaub).

My work is infused with an expressively fluid style, connecting our surroundings to patterns and motifs echoed throughout human existence. As a Hmong American artist I balance between two worlds but as these worlds collide unique forms emerge. My abstract work is a symbol of my journey in America united with Hmong textiles and the meaning behind each symbol.