Boom Island Park

Part of Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board, Parks for All project. Nature plays an intricate part of our lives and wildlife is crucial for our survival. Water connects us all to one another and it’s important to keep our Parks safe and clean for all visitors.

Technology is keeping us distracted from nature, by combining an interactive Augmented Reality feature viewers will look up, take a breath, and allow the environment to revive their soul.

We need to be reminded of the importance of embracing diverse cultures and how it can shape our way of life to find a balance with nature and use technology to enhance our abilities to make a difference for change.

Goal 7: Connect through communications and technology 

Thank you Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board and Forecast Public Art for supporting the Arts and Parks!

Site Location: 
Boom Island Park Riverwalk
724 Sibley St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413

Music by Scott Buckley – released under CC-BY 4.0.